CrEEpy CaT!!!

okay, so we found a stray cat that we now kept and her name is Cookie. She is pergnant and will be having kittens soon. Well my grama said she saw 2 cats on the porch so when we got home i was walking towards the house from the garage and there was this thing looking at me….turns out it was a different cat. it has beat uf matted and falling out and these peircing creepy scary lime green eyes with small black slits… i just about died of frigth. so i sed here kitty kitty and it came to me and meowed a crrackly meow and i petted it and then i had been petting it for a little while and it bites me! it just nipped though, like not trying to hurt me, it barel even left a mark…………what do i do? should i take it to the SPCA? i m scared and conufzled………….byezzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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