New Braces =$

Hey people!
Okay so I am sooooo stoked about getting my braces on Wednesday cuz I gots a big gap between my two front teeth, and I have buck teeth. Looolls. So I’m getting them on in a week!!!!!! I am getting the damon kind the third kind they came out with which like just came out like two months ago. Does any have them? Do they work good? I also have to get the elastic bands that go from your top teeth to the bottom teeth, Do they hurt? If I don’t wear it I have to get a herbst…….. It looks scary……like a muffin…….. Anyone have that? I am stoked yet scared………lol………do they poke you with any needles in ur mouth when they put them on? I uhm don’t like that………..I like pointy objects……..just not in me…… if you know anything about damon braces or a herbst or elastics, leave a comment!!! byezzzzzzzzz

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